Firstly, let me say this is my 99th blog posting. Just you wait to see what is going to happen for the 100th one. Secondly, let me say I am on a bus right now and it has wifi. I think that’s pretty cool.

If a friend, or family member, or significant other were to surprise me or take me on an adventure, I would be happiest if the following occurred:

– A four day, all expense, round trip cruise to Bolivia.

– A five day, no expense included, one way trip cruise to South Dakota.

– A surprise party with all my friends dressed as characters from Garfield and friends. [I consider sentences good when the word “friend” is used twice] The officiate gets the honor of dressing as Garfield…but no lasagna! [hahahahahahahahahaha]

– A box that when I unwrap and open, is a smaller box, and when I open that, it’s another smaller box…until I get to the tiniest box– and in the tiniest box is a little note that reads, “Hello” with a smiley face stick figure. How sweet!!

– A UPS truck pulls in front of my house. I go outside and open the back. Inside is the officiate holding two spoons. She points to 15 cartons of ice cream and says, “Let’s dig in”. We high five. Delicious!

– A laptop appears on my dining room table. Curious, I turn it on. Upon request of a password, I type in “Matilda” because I have just watched the movie. I gain access. Computer generated graphics of balloons rise to the top. A casino slot machine appears and a woman’s voice says, “click to spin”. I do so. I get three corn-on-the-cobs in a row! [I guess it’s a backyard BBQ themed game…cool!] I have won 3,000 dollars. The money comes spurting out of the side slot where the CDs are slipped in. I take the money and kiss it. Then make it my facebook picture.

– I have just left work and carrying my heavy bags. I run to the subway. I slide my metro card through the metal space and walk through the turnstile. I look towards the applause I hear. The officiate organized all my closest friends to cheer me on after such a long, but great day of work. They say things like, “Who could do a better job then you?” I go to answer the question, until I realize it is rhetorical. I laugh. We all play hand games like, “The Slide” then we play card games like “War”. I realize I don’t like hanging out in the subway. We are all transported back to my house in a virtual machine. There is a dinner of mashed potatoes and chicken cutlets [with mozzarella cheese] waiting for us, hot on the stove.

Let’s see how many of these we can cross off the list. Who’s with me!?

3 thoughts on “Surprise!

  1. Hmmm I think that cruise liner might have a bit of extra capacity if you know what I mean… haha whatever I’m all about adventures. If there was a cruise ship to either of the Dakota’s I’d have to try it. What sort of food would they serve? Would there be a hot tub instead of a pool? How about a curling track rather than a stand-up shuffboard area? This is actually starting to sound interesting…

    • They would serve a variety of m&m’s including but not limited to regular, dark chocolate, and pretzel ones. They would also serve 7 different kinds of soups. There would definitely be a hot tub instead of a pool. Curling track is also a must with state-of-the-art curling brooms and icy grounds to play. I’ll let you know when I am going!

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