Golden Girlize It Up

Are you sick and tired of your office looking drab and dark? Do you look at your cubicle and think, “I need a change aesthetically'”. Are your walls filled with concert tickets and photos of friends that are meaningless? [see below]

That’s exactly how I felt yesterday. Being that I am the only one who decides how to live my life [not my sister like she tells me] I decided to Goldenize It Up. BaBAM.

After the Goldenization happened, I could barely get work done. Each picture was hypnotizing. Photos that I put on my wall include [1] Dorothy’s Wedding, [2] Sophia lookin’ cute, and my favorite, [3] a photo of the girls as dolls.

I took my office from old…

To Gold…

From lame lame lame…

…to dame dame dame

From ‘What A Bore’…

To ‘The Fabulous Four’…

With those dames smiling at me all day, I’ll never be unhappy again. Dorothy’s glare freaks me out.

If you would like tips on how to glamorize your office, email me at I can also manually Goldenize your office for a fee of $650.00/hr. It usually takes me 8 hours. I only accept travelers checks. Or I’ll do it for free.

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