The Knitting Factory

Yesterday my sister and I knitted. My mother crocheted [pronounced: croshayed]. All while watching the movie “Back to the Future”. It was the first time I had seen the film. I really liked it. I especially liked how, at first, Michael J. Fox’s parents were real pushovers. The Dad was pushed over by a bully named Biff. In the end, his parents are cool and suave. Biff washes their car. Role reversal at it’s best.

Here is  us at work.

My mom worked on green and yellow polkadotted squares.

She will “marry” the squares together [in a civil ceremony]. They will form into a big, warm blanket. The blanket is for my one and only sister, Emily. My mom is also making me a blanket. She is doing Emily’s first. Emily is going to be so warm this winter.

Look at this action shot.

Emily is knitting a blue-ish scarf. [see below]

I am knitting a forest green tube top; green to match my eyes. I’ll wear it once it gets just a little bit cooler.  It’s perfect too because it shows my whole mid-drift.

Can’t wait to go out clubbing in it. Watch out ladies.

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