I Spent My Halloween Weekend…

I spent my halloween weekend dressed as Uncle Sam…

…watching the movie “Casper”.

I enjoy watching this movie and hadn’t seen it in years.

Christina Ricci plays a human girl. Casper plays a friendly, child ghost.

The two go to touch hands…

…but are unable to because he is made out of a cloud.

He longingly watches her as she sleeps.

If one were to tune into the movie at this part, they might assume Casper was a sneaky pervert.

But he is not a sneaky pervert. He is a phantom child who died as a young boy. He’d caught a cold from playing in the snow. I think it was pneumonia that got him.

He falls in love with Christina Ricci and longs to be human again. I sympathize with Casper because he has good intentions.

I wish there was a friendly ghost in my life. I would be so much happier.

I would read in the park as Caspy played around. I made his nickname Caspy.

He would teach me how to fly and cook ghost pizza! Ghost pizza is the best because it has no calories. Though I’m still hungry after I’ve eaten it. If only.

I hope no actual ghosts are reading this blog. That would be so scary!

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