Birthday Cards From 3rd Graders

My sister is a third grade teacher.

Tomorrow is my 24th birthday.

She had her students write me birthday cards.

“Have Hearty Birthday”

“You Are Our Teacher’s Sister”

“B-E-C-Kitty Cat”

“I Hope If You Have A Party, It Will Be Fun”

“Don’t Hit Your Sister”

“8, The Worst Number”

[my sister told me this student said, “Let me know if she does it”, referring to the connect the dots game.

“You Are Very Very Very Very Very Pretty!”


3 thoughts on “Birthday Cards From 3rd Graders

  1. Awwww…I’m a preschool teacher and I LOVE the cards, although some looked like they were made for your sister rather than you. Haha. My favourite is, “I’m just 8, the worst number.”

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