10 Facts About Kristen

After publishing my friend Kristen’s ODE TO A CUPCAKE poem in my blog yesterday, I’ve received nearly 20,000 emails asking to know more about her.

19,0400 of the emails were from Kristen herself.

Here are 10 facts, written by Kristen, that you might not have known:

1) I love philosophy

2) I have a fear of going bald

3) I am not a fan of this new technology age

4) Sometimes before bed, I have to touch my nose to the kitchen door

5) I always chew 2 pieces of gum

6) I once had a short conversation with P.Diddy or at the time, Puff Daddy

7) I don’t know how to floss

8) I can eat tomato sauce for every meal

9) I cut my toe nails with a scissor

10) I think about college every day

**I get more annoyed than I should when Kristen takes two pieces of gum from my pack. She pretends to take one, but secretly takes two. In my opinion, one does not need to chew more than one piece of gum at a time.

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