Life Update in Photos

Things I’ve done in the past few weeks:


Ate pizza with my dad. 

Hugged a rolling suitcase.

Watched a firework.
Wore a top hat.


Edited a video while eating cocoanut shreds with a miniature spoon.

Relaxed in a park before work.

Food shopped with my Mother. 

Smiled with my friends. 

Bike-rode with my Dad. 
Saw a dog high five a woman while a smaller dog looked on.
Started a new improv class. 
Listened to people on the bus talk about the fragility of the Universe. 
Looked at subway riders.
Crashed a wedding cocktail hour. 
Experimented with this chain wallet. 
Hugged a pole. 
Attended the Giants game.
Yawned again. 
Covered my mouth.
Drank coffee with my Mom.
Edited while eating a bowl of spaghetti with an average sized spoon.
Swam in the pool.
Held balloons.
Styled my hair. 
Watched a Johnny Carson VHS.
Listened to a speech at an Engagement Party.
Took a walk with my sister.
Sat by the bridge. [disregard that goat rear end in the left of the photo.]
Which brings us to tonight where I:
Performed in an improv show with Tommy.
Wore a plaid shirt with Dan. Wrote this blog entry. My air-typing skills are improving daily. 
And yawned.

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