Creepy Halloween Photos

Went to a work-related Halloween party last night in NYC.

The subway pig strikes again! If you hear two oinks, RUN!

The building skeleton strikes again! If you hear a heart beating, RUN!

The subway pig lost her pig features and now has bloodied wounds, RUN!

You ok Alex?

Kathryn the haloed demon-eyed angel-fairy sits on a swing.

Chris the smilin’ afro man hamming it up for the camera.

 Non-edible glowing ice cubes are fun to eat.

Dancing it up in an open space with TWO disco balls. I put the word “two” in capital letters to emphasize how excited I was to be dancing under two disco balls.

Heading out of the party, Meaghan and I touch up our makeup.

Meaghan hails a cab.

I smile.





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