Hi Everyone! It’s me, Becky. Hope you are doing well. Wanted to let you know I have moved my wordpress blog to BECKYKRAUSE.COM I transferred this blog to the new address however, I do not know how to transfer you, my beautiful followers. I also do not know how to get people to subscribe to […]


I met my friend Tom in midtown Manhattan this morning at Speedy’s cafe. To plan our monthly comedy variety show. Called Major Babe Time. The cafe could be called Speedy’s because the quick food service. Or because maybe the place is owned by Speedy Gonzalez. The tiny cartoon mouse known for being “The fastest mouse in all of Mexico.” During […]

1 Second Everyday for a Year – AGE 26

I captured one second of video a day from 3/17/13-3/17/14. Today, March 17, 2014 was the end of year two of my one second a day for a year video. Year two begins with a video of me, my cousins and sister celebrating St. Patrick’s day on Staten Island. I cannot believe this day is […]