My Vampire Family

I have a secret to tell you. I’m a vampire. My eyes are red because I am thirsty for blood. This is me, buckled, on my way to my cousin’s baby shower. The Vampire Clan I am part of does not kill humans. My uncle is a doctor at the local hospital. Just like in […]

Kidnapped by Elves

These elves kidnapped me last night and forced me to make over three hundred toy soldiers with a baby saw. I was taking a walk by the lake near my house. The air was crisp and cool…freezing I would say. I heard the sound of crying coming from a pile of sticks and leaves. I […]

100th BLOG POST.

Today is Tuesday. November 9th. 10:17AM. It will never be that moment again. I have acknowledged that. I am listening to Animal by Miike Snow. If I ever meet him, I would ask him why he spells his name with two “ii”‘s. Then I will ask him if his favourite season is winter. Then I […]