Meaghan the “Street Performer”

Entertainer Meaghan McKeon is bringing mediocre feats to New York City as Times Square’s unofficial street performer. “If you like the show, tell your friends. If you did not like the show, keep it to yourself. No one likes a whiner,” McKeon complained Sunday evening before punching me in the gut. The native Connecticuter considers […]

Meaghan Interview: Her Dog is A Detective

I had the ultra exclusive honor to interview my co-worker and friend Meaghan. Meaghan and I met in our freshman year of college at a “Ham Channel” meeting. The Ham Channel is our student run television station. Its mascot is a Pig. In the club’s first meeting, the club’s president, a senior named Kelly, sat in […]

Interview With Jessica, the former graffiti artist

Here is an interview with my co-worker, Jessica who manages the production team for the MTV On-Air-Promos department. She is a town-reknowned graffiti artist. Because she posted photos of her art on Facebook, she was arrested and charged with five counts of Criminal Mischief. b: How are you doing today? j: Much better now that […]

Interview With Jenny and her Shocking Apathy Towards Hansel and Gretel

It was just after 3:45pm on Monday afternoon, the first day of the work week, when I swiveled around in the chair in my cubicle. I was there working. I’m a Production Assistant at a television corporation in New York City. “Can I interview you for my blog?” I called to my cubicle-mate Jenny who […]