Video About Life

Hello person reading this blog. I hope these words find you well. Maybe you just got the promotion you’ve wanted. Maybe you just received an “I’m in love with you” text from the person you have feelings for. Maybe, seconds ago, you won the 2011 National Tightrope Competition [NTC], beating crowd favorite Carlos Schmarlos. If […]

My Stop Motion Video

If my memory serves me correctly, and it usually does not, I have never posted this video on my blog. I made this stop motion youtube video roughly two months ago. It is compiled of hundreds of photographs I’ve taken. It is set to the Beriut song “Nantes”. I hope you like it.

That Country Song: IF I DIE YOUNG

I had 5 free minutes before I left the house for work this morning. I spent it in the recliner watching The Band Perry perform If I Die Young at the Country Music Awards. My sister DVR’d the show, which aired this past week. The Band Perry consists of three country-sangin’-siblings [CSS]. I don’t know anything […]

The Airborne Toxic Event: What Really Went Down

I went to The Airborne Toxic Event Concert with my friend Maryellen last night at Webster Hall. The first picture below portrays the exact information I just stated in the previous sentence. [see below] The venue was decorated with six upside down umbrellas. They changed hues as a result of colorful filters on reflecting lights. […]

Pictures and Music

Today’s Playlist 1. Winter -The Dodos 2. Wishing Well -The Airborne Toxic Event 3.Diplomat’s Son- Vampire Weekend 4. In The Aeroplane Over the Sea -Neutral Milk Hotel 5. Too Little Too Late -Department of Eagles 6. All Is Not Lost -OK Go 7. Rolling In The Deep -Adele 8. After The Storm -Mumford and Sons […]

“In The Aeroplane Over the Sea” cover

I get really excited when people subscribe to my blog. This just started happening. I check my AOL mail [yes I still have an AOL mail account that says, “You’ve Got Mail” and my co-workers say, “you still have an AOL mail account?” as if they are shocked and think I’m living in the past. […]

Mumford & Sons LAST USA Concert

**I just looked it up and Marcus Mumford, the main guy, was born on January 31, 1987. He is only my age!!! He is only 23!!! I thought he was older. Crazy. Last night I saw Mumford and Sons perform their last show on their USA tour at Terminal 5 in NYC. It was AWESOME. The […]

Toddler Dances to Florence.

My friend posted this video on my Facebook wall, telling me she hopes it makes me smile. It did. It is a toddler-boy, sitting in his car seat, dancing along to Florence and the Machine’s “Dog Days Are Over”. It is a great song, and it kind of makes me have the same reaction as […]