I met my friend Tom in midtown Manhattan this morning at Speedy’s cafe. To plan our monthly comedy variety show. Called Major Babe Time. The cafe could be called Speedy’s because the quick food service. Or because maybe the place is owned by Speedy Gonzalez. The tiny cartoon mouse known for being “The fastest mouse in all of Mexico.” During […]

1 Second Everyday for a Year – AGE 26

I captured one second of video a day from 3/17/13-3/17/14. Today, March 17, 2014 was the end of year two of my one second a day for a year video. Year two begins with a video of me, my cousins and sister celebrating St. Patrick’s day on Staten Island. I cannot believe this day is […]


Here is a video of me, dressed as my retired talk show host character, dancing in Times Square. I rocked out to the song Devil With The Blue Dress on. I was wearing headphones and had my iPhone in my pocket. No one could hear the music except me. Tourists watched me dance. Many took […]


You ever try to close your dresser drawer but it won’t close because something is stuck behind it? That happened to me last night. Watch this video to see what was preventing the drawer from shutting. You won’t believe it! I know I didn’t.