Self-Conscious Dog

My dog stuffed herself with food this holiday season. She grew seven times her normal body size. I caught her sneaking cookies, cupcakes, pies, crab dip and whole chickens. She even got into the barrel of glazed donuts we keep in the backyard. Poor thing. I can sense she is self-conscious. She wouldn’t make eye contact with […]

Thanksgiving Break 2010

Hello Blog Reader. How are you? More importantly, who are you? Here are some pictures/updates from my Thanksgiving Break: Hanging out with 88 year old, Aunt Annie. Aunt Annie is my mother’s, father’s, sister…aka, my great Aunt. She sure is great with all the food she cooked for us to eat that could have fed […]

Life…and living it.

Hello Blog. Hello reader. How are you doing? I did not neglect writing in my blog due to purposeful intentions or because I wanted to give people beckyyk’s-blog-withdrawal [BBW] or because a man was standing behind me threatening me by saying, “if you write another blog, I will kidnap your dog who is named Christmas.” […]