Imma Cut You…But Accidentally

I commute from Staten Island into Manhattan every morning for work. Yes, commuting is my work. I get paid to commute and rally the spirits of fellow commuters. Someone’s got to do it. I’m only joking. That would be ridiculous. What would my job title be, Commute Rallier? Who would pay me, the City of […]

Life…and living it.

Hello Blog. Hello reader. How are you doing? I did not neglect writing in my blog due to purposeful intentions or because I wanted to give people beckyyk’s-blog-withdrawal [BBW] or because a man was standing behind me threatening me by saying, “if you write another blog, I will kidnap your dog who is named Christmas.” […]

I Love Dolls!!!

This is the lower half of my body on this morning’s commute to work holding the book I purchased yesterday from Barnes and Noble. Ca-CHINGGG. I  bet everyone reading this blog realizes I am wearing new shorts in the picture, that I brought this weekend from dELIA*s. [original 34.99 on sale for 16.50] Those may […]

When things go wrong…

I had a disheveled morning on this Summer Friday. The Express bus route that I take todos los dias [roughly translated, “every day”] was shortened due to budget cuts, leaving me off 23 blocks too soon, and messing up the times it usually arrives. I would leave my house at 8:30am, getting to the stop […]