How To Get In The Shape You Want To

A tip to get your body in the shape you desire is to hang a motivational quote on your wall. Along with a photo of someone whose body you emulate. Every time you don’t feel like eating, you can look at the photo. And be inspired to take a bite into that chicken parm hero […]


Happy Friday from me, my cell phone, my desk phone, my striped shirt and that white cardboard box behind me. I only work for one hour a day, therefore need assistance from a bunch of temps. Look at the pictures they left on my computer! It’s like so weird we all made the same poses. […]

It’s A Case!

Last night I had a dream. Strike that, it was an absolute nightmare. In it, my 24-hour-old IPHONE 4 rested innocently in my pocket. I received a text from none other than country singer Martina McBride. As I was reading the text that said, “Follow Your Dreams, Girl,” the phone slipped from my grasp, crashing […]