Detour to NYC

The express bus I take every day to work from Staten Island to Manhattan usually goes through the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel. Because the tunnel was flooded by Hurricane Sandy, my bus took a detour over the Manhattan Bridge. I did not mind the beautiful view of the skyline!   I also did not mind drinking […]

My Dream Last Night

Here is a dramatic reinactment of me sleeping.  Here is the dream I had last night:  My sister and I walked into a Dunkin Donuts/Baskin Robbins store. I know it was the combo franchise because along with coffee, they served ice cream. The store looked dirty, as if it graded a “B-” by the Department […]

Saturday with Matt

This past saturday, I visited my alma mater Fairfield University. It is located in Fairfield, Connecticut. I drove from Staten Island. Here is a step by step encounter the day. I straightened the ends of my hair at 10:30am. I did this in my sister’s bedroom. The room has two lamps and an illuminated ceiling […]

72 Photos of Myself

Here are 72 pictures of myself from the past few months. My co-worker, Anthony, says I am an ego-manic. I laugh in his face, but deep down I fear it is true. My Aunt Shirley was diagnosed with ego-mania in 1970. She died trying to snap a solo-shot of herself on top of a cliff. […]

Come See The Show I’m In!

It is amazing how much influence school teachers have on a person’s life. Kids grow into adults and still remember Sr. Dingbat, the strict but caring nun, who taught them in Kindergärten; even specific things she said! Like Plato, teachers shape our futures. Six years later, I can recall my 11th grade english teacher, Ms. […]

I Cheated on Starbucks with Dunkin Donuts 2011 edition.

Close your eyes, Starbucks, what you’re about to see isn’t pretty. Listen, it’s not you, it’s me. I just can’t afford you anymore. You don’t make me feel good about myself. You overpower for me. All I do is give give give and you just take take take. You’ll always have a place in my […]

Life is OK Without Coffee.

There was a woman and a 2 year old baby on the subway this morning [I’m an expert at child age estimation]. His mother told him it was the last day he would get to drink from a bottle. When she took it away, he would cry and ask for it. She bribed him with […]