Detour to NYC

The express bus I take every day to work from Staten Island to Manhattan usually goes through the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel. Because the tunnel was flooded by Hurricane Sandy, my bus took a detour over the Manhattan Bridge. I did not mind the beautiful view of the skyline!   I also did not mind drinking […]

No, I Am Not A Boy. Thank You.

I rode the Express bus this morning to work. I sat with my head secularly bowed, reading Sara Vowell’s novel Assassination Vacation. The book follows Vowell as she visits sites and museums associated with presidential assassins. She focuses on Lincoln’s killer John Wilkes Booth. The book is extremely funny. I laugh at Vowell’s wry descriptions […]

My Unnecessary Worries

My life, and probably yours too, is filled with unnecessary worries. This morning, I swiped my metro and stepped onto the Express bus. I try to sit in a seat with no one next to me. This allows me to spread out my backpack, messenger bag, and the motorcycle helmet I carry everywhere just in […]

When things go wrong…

I had a disheveled morning on this Summer Friday. The Express bus route that I take todos los dias [roughly translated, “every day”] was shortened due to budget cuts, leaving me off 23 blocks too soon, and messing up the times it usually arrives. I would leave my house at 8:30am, getting to the stop […]