On Halloween I dressed as a Colonial man for my friend’s costume party. On my way to the party, I walked through Times Square. A nice gentleman stopped me and asked to take a photo with me. As we were taking the photo, he asked, “What are you going to sign today?” and I replied, […]

Creepy Halloween Photos

Went to a work-related Halloween party last night in NYC. The subway pig strikes again! If you hear two oinks, RUN! The building skeleton strikes again! If you hear a heart beating, RUN! The subway pig lost her pig features and now has bloodied wounds, RUN! You ok Alex? Kathryn the haloed demon-eyed angel-fairy sits […]

I Spent My Halloween Weekend…

I spent my halloween weekend dressed as Uncle Sam… …watching the movie “Casper”. I enjoy watching this movie and hadn’t seen it in years. Christina Ricci plays a human girl. Casper plays a friendly, child ghost. The two go to touch hands… …but are unable to because he is made out of a cloud. He […]