Journals 1994-2013

Here is a photo of the journals I’ve kept in my life. Starting in 1994 until the present time of 2013. Here are a few entries: 1994 (7 yrs. old) 1998 (9 yrs. old) 2000 (12 yrs. old) 2000 (12 yrs. old) *Yes, that drawing of me is extremely accurate. 2000 (13 yrs. old) !!! Today […]

Life Update in Photos

Things I’ve done in the past few weeks: Relaxed. Ate pizza with my dad.  Hugged a rolling suitcase. Watched a firework. Wore a top hat. Yawned. Edited a video while eating cocoanut shreds with a miniature spoon. Relaxed in a park before work. Food shopped with my Mother.  Smiled with my friends.  Bike-rode with my […]

Gloria Reads The Encyclopedia

Gloria Ladner, the  retired middle-aged talk show  host, is back once again. Check out her award winning straight posture. 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Gloria: 1. Gloria trained for a triathlon in 1992. On the morning of, she back out due to a severe panic attack. 2. Gloria was born left handed, but was trained […]