Buy a few cheap items to give to your friend for her birthday. (sunglasses $4.99, shirt $12.99) With whiteout and a marker, forge the tagged price to make it look more expensive. As if you’ve spent more money. Cross out the amount with a thin marker to make it look as if you did not […]


“Write a poem about your cupcakes and i’ll put it on my blog!” I messaged my friend Kristen on g-chat. I am a muse. Here is Kristen’s poem: ODE TO A CUPCAKE Bite-sized, mini pies Packed with something sweet In the heat, down the street I trek so I can eat White cake, chocolate chips, sugary […]

How To Get In The Shape You Want To

A tip to get your body in the shape you desire is to hang a motivational quote on your wall. Along with a photo of someone whose body you emulate. Every time you don’t feel like eating, you can look at the photo. And be inspired to take a bite into that chicken parm hero […]

Palmer’s Pizzeria

My co-worker opened a pizza joint in NYC. He taped these flyers around office. To be a supportive friend, I purchased a large pie. I ate it myself. I really wish they offered slices.   **Special shoutout to Meaghan who came up with the “Cheezus Christ” tagline. Check out her hilarious photo-a-day blog.

Sister Wives: New Cast

Hi All– Writing to you from the basement of our husband’s house. John-Nathan is having a hard time balancing us all, but we are having fun! We are currently in filming for the first episode of TLC’s Sister Wives. Who would have known when I started working at the television production place where I am working, […]