1 Second Everyday for a Year – AGE 26

I captured one second of video a day from 3/17/13-3/17/14. Today, March 17, 2014 was the end of year two of my one second a day for a year video. Year two begins with a video of me, my cousins and sister celebrating St. Patrick’s day on Staten Island. I cannot believe this day is […]

MY DAY 7.13.13

Today I woke up and looked in the mirror. Am I still sleeping, having a nightmare, and looking at the monster from that nightmare? I thought to myself about myself. My appearance looked quite disheveled. Last week, I got a 5 inch haircut. I did it because I was bored and indecisive. “Uhhhhhh, yeah, cut […]


    This is me and my Twin brother, Deacon. He is in town for the weekend. Visiting from Seattle, Washington. It makes me sad to think he lives so far away. It doesn’t make me sad that he actually lives far away, it just makes me sad to THINK he lives so far away.

Minnie Mouse Brigade

    6 Minnie Mouse costumed individuals followed me 25 blocks on my walk to work today. Every time I turned around, they waved in unison. Their identical faces looked so happy. It made me happy.

I Want to Hypnotise a Billionaire

  I start my morning by standing on the window ledge overlooking New York City. In hopes my blinged-out money sign necklace will reflect sunlight into a billionaire’s eye, hypnotizing him/her to give me gold/money.

Staten Island Ferry Pics

I left work in Manhattan today at 1:45pm. I usually get out of work at 6pm. Headed home to Staten Island early. To beat Storm Nemo. I routinely take the Express bus to Staten Island. But had to find a subway first to refill my metro card. I only had $3 dollars left on the […]