I met my friend Tom in midtown Manhattan this morning at Speedy’s cafe. To plan our monthly comedy variety show. Called Major Babe Time. The cafe could be called Speedy’s because the quick food service. Or because maybe the place is owned by Speedy Gonzalez. The tiny cartoon mouse known for being “The fastest mouse in all of Mexico.” During […]

Hurricane Knitting: Carpal Tunnel Edition

Tonight a Hurricane is hitting the East Coast. Her name is Irene. I picture her being a 5 foot 6 brunette from Puerto Rico. I’m actually just describing my co-worker named Irene. I started the evening knitting this forest green scarf. It was originally supposed to be a tube top. With the cold weather approaching, […]

Ghosts, Fingerprints, and My Private Detective named Marshall Schmarshall

I saw this picture of Jersey Shore castmate, Snooki, on the celebrity blog  She was in New York yesterday with her boyfriend Gianni. She was photographed coming out of the building in which I work. The first thing I noticed about the picture was  the emblem on Gionni’s shirt… …which if my memory serves […]

Bird Water Parks

I get off the bus every morning in front of Bryant Park on 42nd and 6th [in NYC]. The park is the length of one city block and the height of one city avenue. It is small compared to the small-country-sized “Central Park”. It is big compared to the 12 foot wooded trail “Rawhide Park” […]

These photographs were taken with the Hipstamatic App on my Iphone4 on the Staten Island Ferry [Staten Island- wut wut]. My phone insurance dropped me because I had to get two phones replaced within one years time. Who needs phone insurance anyway? I’ll do better off without it. Actually, I probably won’t do better off […]