These photographs were taken with the Hipstamatic App on my Iphone4 on the Staten Island Ferry [Staten Island- wut wut]. My phone insurance dropped me because I had to get two phones replaced within one years time. Who needs phone insurance anyway? I’ll do better off without it. Actually, I probably won’t do better off […]

Hipstamatic On The Iphone4…And My Mother’s FAT.

Good Sunday person who is reading these words. How are you doing? That’s good. Yesterday I purchased an Iphone 4. It acts as a phone, camera, ipod, internet provider, and friend. My favorite thing about the phone is the photo app Hipstamatic. The pictures below were taken with that app. It seems I have become […]

A Day At The Beach

Today I ventured down Long Branch, NJ. and Seaside, NJ. Kaitlin trekked on the snowy stairs. and I told this bear the secret to eternal life. Now that I admit I hold it, the government will probably try and find me. then looked out into the horizon and contemplated winter solitude. The end.

I Failed Miserably.

I was exceptionally tired on my commute into work this morning. I was two minutes away from falling asleep on the bus which rarely happens. Although I had a company holiday for MLK day and could relax on Monday [Shoutout Marty King], I had a long day Tuesday which began with waking up at 7:30am […]