I take many photos with my Iphone. Check out this video compilation of the photos. 4 Months in 4,000 photos. [OCT ’12- JAN ’13] The song used is “For Reverend Green” by Animal Collective. Most of the photos are taken in New York City.

More Old Photos of my Co-workers

I found more old photos of my co-workers. Here is Jen. She was just named her high school’s soccer captain. Her favorite number was 8. She wore white spandex shorts to prevent her thighs from chafing. Meaghan was a interpretive gymnast, known for her flashy body suits. She wore a spandex head wrap to prevent […]

I Failed Miserably.

I was exceptionally tired on my commute into work this morning. I was two minutes away from falling asleep on the bus which rarely happens. Although I had a company holiday for MLK day and could relax on Monday [Shoutout Marty King], I had a long day Tuesday which began with waking up at 7:30am […]

Hair Help!

I have a love/hate relationship with my hair. At the moment I have dirty blonde hair that has not been highlighted or colored in about a year. I used to get blonde highlights but decided to stop because I did not want to keep up with the up keep. [Is that a redundant statement?] I […]

A Cupcake the Size of my Head

Here is me from the past 20 days. It’s weird how life just passes by and every day I come to work.  I have officially stopped drinking iced chai tea from Starbucks and started drinking orange juice [without pulp] Even saying the word pulp grosses me out and frankly, makes me feel embarrassed. The smallest […]