Life Update in Photos

Things I’ve done in the past few weeks: Relaxed. Ate pizza with my dad.  Hugged a rolling suitcase. Watched a firework. Wore a top hat. Yawned. Edited a video while eating cocoanut shreds with a miniature spoon. Relaxed in a park before work. Food shopped with my Mother.  Smiled with my friends.  Bike-rode with my […]

Video About Life

Hello person reading this blog. I hope these words find you well. Maybe you just got the promotion you’ve wanted. Maybe you just received an “I’m in love with you” text from the person you have feelings for. Maybe, seconds ago, you won the 2011 National Tightrope Competition [NTC], beating crowd favorite Carlos Schmarlos. If […]

Secret Pictures in a Sushi Restaurant

Pictures of my high school friend Katt, on five different occasions, at the sushi place we love.  She doesn’t know I took these. I took the liberty of titling each picture based off Katt’s actions. 1. “Katt’s Got A Boo Boo” 2. “Hand Motion Laughter” 3. “This Edamame tastes Exquisit”  4. “I’m Thirsty- Chop Chop […]

These photographs were taken with the Hipstamatic App on my Iphone4 on the Staten Island Ferry [Staten Island- wut wut]. My phone insurance dropped me because I had to get two phones replaced within one years time. Who needs phone insurance anyway? I’ll do better off without it. Actually, I probably won’t do better off […]

Hair Help!

I have a love/hate relationship with my hair. At the moment I have dirty blonde hair that has not been highlighted or colored in about a year. I used to get blonde highlights but decided to stop because I did not want to keep up with the up keep. [Is that a redundant statement?] I […]

A Cupcake the Size of my Head

Here is me from the past 20 days. It’s weird how life just passes by and every day I come to work.  I have officially stopped drinking iced chai tea from Starbucks and started drinking orange juice [without pulp] Even saying the word pulp grosses me out and frankly, makes me feel embarrassed. The smallest […]