My Massage Experience…

My parents gave me massage gift certificate for Christmas 2009 and I redeemed it today, even though it was past its expiration. My mom is a smooth talker when it comes to negotiating with sales people. This was the first massage I’ve had in years and I didn’t quite know what to expect. Here is […]

“In The Aeroplane Over the Sea” cover

I get really excited when people subscribe to my blog. This just started happening. I check my AOL mail [yes I still have an AOL mail account that says, “You’ve Got Mail” and my co-workers say, “you still have an AOL mail account?” as if they are shocked and think I’m living in the past. […]

True Life: I Was Transported to the year 1904

I went to my therapist’s this week and described to her the anxieties that were held up inside me. She attempted to teach me self-improving exercises. When that didn’t work, she dimmed the lights and sang Katy Perry’s “Firework”. I finally had a breakthrough. It snowed last night into the morning. My family and I […]

In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life…I Love Cheese

Sometimes I feel like I reasearch “ways to improve my life” more than I execute the tips I read to actually improve my life. I like to look up “self-help” tools and think, “I should do that” or “I’m going to do that”, but then I don’t do it. For example, I found a quote […]

Staten Island Is Pretty…For Real.

When I say I’m from Staten Island people usually laugh or say “hah” with emphasis, as if this borough of New York City does not have a reputable reputation. [I realize it is not proper phrasing to say “reputable reputation”, but it makes the sentence seem stronger] There are beautiful parts of Staten Island. I […]

MESSY ROOM ALERT: Tips For Organization

Some people say you can tell what a person’s room looks like by what their desk at work looks like… Here is my desk: Here is my room: Yeah, I would say that statement is pretty accurate. Should I be embarrassed by my room? Maybe. Should I not have posted these pictures? Probably. Will my […]