Watch Out

Today I bought a white watch. I didn’t need it, but wanted it. I have four other, just as useful ones, but not a white one. From Left to Right, we have a [green] Swatch $50, [yellow/orange/green] Baby Gap $10, [blue/purple/red] Baby Gap $10, [Pink] Timex $20, and [White] watch from Target $7. To answer […]

100th BLOG POST.

Today is Tuesday. November 9th. 10:17AM. It will never be that moment again. I have acknowledged that. I am listening to Animal by Miike Snow. If I ever meet him, I would ask him why he spells his name with two “ii”‘s. Then I will ask him if his favourite season is winter. Then I […]

Mundane Monday’s

This morning I felt like a newborn baby–I was asleep, cuddling my pillow that was warmed from my body’s sleepy heat, dreaming. Twenty minutes later, I was shivering on the Express bus from the icy air conditioned air on a rainy monday morning. Even though I held an umbrella, the sideways rain dampened the back […]