Special VMA Appearances

The 2011 MTV Video Music Awards aired yesterday. My power blacked out mid-awards show. I was not able to watch it. I was so upset. I looked on gossip websites to see how it was. So many celebrities made appearances including: Kim “COOKIE” Noogz Katy “KEENA” Stanch Grohl Walter. Cheers man. Becky Spears Anidel chris […]

Ghosts, Fingerprints, and My Private Detective named Marshall Schmarshall

I saw this picture of Jersey Shore castmate, Snooki, on the celebrity blog PerezHilton.com.  She was in New York yesterday with her boyfriend Gianni. She was photographed coming out of the building in which I work. The first thing I noticed about the picture was  the emblem on Gionni’s shirt… …which if my memory serves […]