My Hidden Relationship

I’d like to introduce everyone to my girlfriend…Her name is Cottage Cheese. She likes cold temperatures and is a little chunky. She’s not a good listener because she has no ears. I hid our relationship out of fear. I thought I’d be judged. Cottage Cheese doesn’t care if she is judged because she can’t perceive […]

A Day At The Beach

Today I ventured down Long Branch, NJ. and Seaside, NJ. Kaitlin trekked on the snowy stairs. and I told this bear the secret to eternal life. Now that I admit I hold it, the government will probably try and find me. then looked out into the horizon and contemplated winter solitude. The end.

True Life: I Was Transported to the year 1904

I went to my therapist’s this week and described to her the anxieties that were held up inside me. She attempted to teach me self-improving exercises. When that didn’t work, she dimmed the lights and sang Katy Perry’s “Firework”. I finally had a breakthrough. It snowed last night into the morning. My family and I […]


I like to have my dog lay with my jeans so if I get kidnapped she can track my scent. She is very protective of me. My sister and I went to my grandma’s house for Boxing Day Breakfast and returned home today, 48 hours later due to the snow storm. I concluded we would […]