Staten Island Ferry Pics

I left work in Manhattan today at 1:45pm. I usually get out of work at 6pm. Headed home to Staten Island early. To beat Storm Nemo. I routinely take the Express bus to Staten Island. But had to find a subway first to refill my metro card. I only had $3 dollars left on the […]

Flight Across the Hudson River

The winds were strong, but I had a great flight. My friend Nelson snapped this photo. Nelson is a seagull. The camera was the same size as Nelson’s body. He struggled to hold the camera and flap his wings at the same time. There were moments I didn’t think he’d make it across the river. […]

These photographs were taken with the Hipstamatic App on my Iphone4 on the Staten Island Ferry [Staten Island- wut wut]. My phone insurance dropped me because I had to get two phones replaced within one years time. Who needs phone insurance anyway? I’ll do better off without it. Actually, I probably won’t do better off […]

I Failed Miserably.

I was exceptionally tired on my commute into work this morning. I was two minutes away from falling asleep on the bus which rarely happens. Although I had a company holiday for MLK day and could relax on Monday [Shoutout Marty King], I had a long day Tuesday which began with waking up at 7:30am […]