Today I walked on the boardwalk. The atmosphere was humid and foggy. The fog blocked the bridge in the distance. I took the photo below using my iPhone 5. I was standing on the pier. This is the pier I was standing on. I drove to Fort Wadsworth and took a photo of the Verrazzano […]

MY DAY 7.13.13

Today I woke up and looked in the mirror. Am I still sleeping, having a nightmare, and looking at the monster from that nightmare? I thought to myself about myself. My appearance looked quite disheveled. Last week, I got a 5 inch haircut. I did it because I was bored and indecisive. “Uhhhhhh, yeah, cut […]

Fall Run on Staten Island

I left my house to go on a run. “Becky,” I heard someone scream behind me. I turned around. It was my mother. With her head sticking out the window. She and my sister were putting up x-mas decorations. I ran to Fort Wadsworth on Staten Island. A lady security guard stopped me at the […]

Staten Island Hurricane Cleanup

I was born and raised on Staten Island, NY. The island was hit hard by Hurricane Sandy. My house received minimal damage in the storm. My family is doing well. Yesterday, my sister, friends, and I volunteered at New Dorp Beach cleaning up debris and belongings of those who lost everything in Hurricane Sandy. This […]

My Fourth of July

I woke up late at 10:45am. I walked downstairs. My 11-year-old dog Christy stared at me with inviting eyes. I hand-on-hipped talked to my sister on the phone. She conveyed to me that she needed to be picked up from the 11:20am Express bus from Manhattan to Staten Island. I picked out a chocolate granola […]