Watching A Storm

Last September, I spent the weekend at my Uncle’s house in Greenfield Center, NY. At one point during the weekend, the sky turned grey and rain fell from large clouds. I watched the storm from the screen porch on the back of my Uncle’s house. I feared getting struck by lightening. I did not get […]

One Ominous Evening.

I went for a run last night on the boardwalk at 8pm. As I picked up my keys and grabbed my wallet, my sister told me to “only run where there are people around.” I replied by saying, “God I’m not that anti-social. JEEZE. I’ll do whatever you want. Just get off my back”. She […]

Life…and living it.

Hello Blog. Hello reader. How are you doing? I did not neglect writing in my blog due to purposeful intentions or because I wanted to give people beckyyk’s-blog-withdrawal [BBW] or because a man was standing behind me threatening me by saying, “if you write another blog, I will kidnap your dog who is named Christmas.” […]