Minnie Mouse Brigade

    6 Minnie Mouse costumed individuals followed me 25 blocks on my walk to work today. Every time I turned around, they waved in unison. Their identical faces looked so happy. It made me happy.

Meaghan the “Street Performer”

Entertainer Meaghan McKeon is bringing mediocre feats to New York City as Times Square’s unofficial street performer. “If you like the show, tell your friends. If you did not like the show, keep it to yourself. No one likes a whiner,” McKeon complained Sunday evening before punching me in the gut. The native Connecticuter considers […]

Picture with “Snoop Dog”

I work in Times Square, NY. I had a half hour to kill (even though I’m a pacifist) between work and improv practice. I walked around Times Square looking for something to eat for dinner. I was look specifically at the Food Trucks. I went to the Rickshaw Dumplings truck. They were sold out of […]

Choice to Travel: Toy Story 3

Katt [my good friend from high school] visited me at work last night around 7pm. I gave her a tour of the floor, she met my boss, and someone thought she was an employee. I looked up movie times for Toy Story 3 and found it played at 6:40pm in Times Square. Little did I […]

When things go wrong…

I had a disheveled morning on this Summer Friday. The Express bus route that I take todos los dias [roughly translated, “every day”] was shortened due to budget cuts, leaving me off 23 blocks too soon, and messing up the times it usually arrives. I would leave my house at 8:30am, getting to the stop […]

Visitors and Visits.

I asked tourists to take my picture this morning. It was a man and a woman tourist from Italy. There place of origin is simply an educated guess- and it’s probably correct, considering I have over 18 years of education under my belt. You can’t see the belt in the picture, my jacket is covering […]