Twilight Parody: DUSK

My friends started a fake movie trailer series. This past summer we worked on DUSK, which is a parody of the movie Twilight. In Twilight, the Cullen family are vampires. In DUSK, the family are cannibals (EEK!). I co-star as Lucy, the innocent girl who falls in love with the cannibal, Stewart. Stewart does not want […]

My Vampire Family

I have a secret to tell you. I’m a vampire. My eyes are red because I am thirsty for blood. This is me, buckled, on my way to my cousin’s baby shower. The Vampire Clan I am part of does not kill humans. My uncle is a doctor at the local hospital. Just like in […]

Eclipse of the Truth…the Saga continues.

I saw the Eclipse movie aka the Twilight Saga: Eclipse last evening. The term “saga” is weird, I find myself saying. The best part of the movie was the reactions of the crowd at different parts of the film. When Taylor Lautner’s muscled man-body made it’s first appearance [around 20 minutes into the film [not […]