This is me and my Twin brother, Deacon. He is in town for the weekend. Visiting from Seattle, Washington. It makes me sad to think he lives so far away. It doesn’t make me sad that he actually lives far away, it just makes me sad to THINK he lives so far away.


My clone sure does enjoy doing morning stretches. “Love doing my straaatches!” she tells me. She pronounces the word “stretch”, “stratch” with an elongated “a”. “Gotta do my straaatches!” It is embarrassing. What will co-workers think of her alternative body moves when they walk by? My neck hurts from crooked sleep. I could use a […]

Sets of Multiples

I did an investigation at work. I broke into the offices that lined my hallway. I rummaged around until I located various birth certificates. After casual cross DNA analyzation and Double Helix Electrophoresi, I made shocking discoveries. Many of my co-workers are part of sets of multiples. Check it out. Why are they hiding this […]