Today I walked on the boardwalk. The atmosphere was humid and foggy. The fog blocked the bridge in the distance. I took the photo below using my iPhone 5. I was standing on the pier. This is the pier I was standing on. I drove to Fort Wadsworth and took a photo of the Verrazzano […]

Hipstamatic On The Iphone4…And My Mother’s FAT.

Good Sunday person who is reading these words. How are you doing? That’s good. Yesterday I purchased an Iphone 4. It acts as a phone, camera, ipod, internet provider, and friend. My favorite thing about the phone is the photo app Hipstamatic. The pictures below were taken with that app. It seems I have become […]

Staten Island Is Pretty…For Real.

When I say I’m from Staten Island people usually laugh or say “hah” with emphasis, as if this borough of New York City does not have a reputable reputation. [I realize it is not proper phrasing to say “reputable reputation”, but it makes the sentence seem stronger] There are beautiful parts of Staten Island. I […]