Watch Out

Today I bought a white watch. I didn’t need it, but wanted it. I have four other, just as useful ones, but not a white one. From Left to Right, we have a [green] Swatch $50, [yellow/orange/green] Baby Gap $10, [blue/purple/red] Baby Gap $10, [Pink] Timex $20, and [White] watch from Target $7. To answer […]

Mean Comments in the Fall

I got a lovely comment on one of my youtube videos today: C’mon paintball1695, really? I am not negatively effected 1% by this comment, I’m more curious who is going around writing stuff like this on people’s youtube pages. It must be a 15-year-old boy who hates the world… or maybe it’s a 53-year-old woman […]

I Keep My Watch in the Drawer

I had to stuff my new baby watch in my drawer during the night because it kept ticking. It probably felt like it was being suffocated and neglected, it also might have been scared that it was in the dark…but it had to be done. Today is Thursday. I put my camera on a stack […]