About Becky

Hi I’m Becky.

I live in Staten Island, NYC.

I am an improvisor on a house team at The PIT (People’s Improv Theater).

My clone sure does love to stretch.




I love using photoshop and final cut pro.

24 thoughts on “About Becky

  1. I have an interesting observation about your blog. Your “Categories” on the left side say humor (3) and Uncategorized (78). This is interesting to me because it implies that only 3 of them were actually funny, when in fact I die laughing on most of your posts and the other small chunk i simply chuckle. SO, in conclusion, you are funny.

    THE END.

    • I majored in television production in college…As a junior in college, I interned at the television production company where I am working now. After I graduated, I heard of a job opening from a friend who I formerly interned with…

      It has a lot to do with connections and being persistent! Hope this helps!

  2. “KEEP THEM ON, OR PUT THEM AWAY”…your teacher was obviously concerned with…wait what was she concerned with? they had no lense… lol! funny stuff!

  3. Yes!!! I tried to like oatmeal too and bought a whole boat load of it from Costco. But no matter what I do or how many raisins I add…I can’t help it….it’s disgusting!

  4. Hey Becky!

    First off, love your blog-hilarious and so happy I stumbled upon it.

    Second, I had a question about one of your photos-do you have an email address you can send me?



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